Miscellaneous articles, lists, and links:

My list of must have GUI programs for scientists on Linux

My list of bioinformatics one-liners

My list of how-tos for using a computational server


Science outreach

Educating the public about science is one thing that every scientist should do. Here are some of my past outreach activities. Announcements of my public talks or new articles will appear either here or on the homepage.

Supervising Open Science research projects for high school students -- Hedvika Synkova (2016- ), Jana Malinovska (2012-2014), Ludek Horvath (2011-2012)

Madagaskar, laboratoř bohů, Kartografie Praha 2007, 208 p. [photographs in a book]

Červci, mozaika genů v symbióze, Akademický bulletin 2013 (9), 16-17. [article in Czech]

Genom mouchy tse-tse je znám. Zvítězíme nad spavou nemocí?, Vesmír 2014. [article in Czech]

Travel presentations - Slaný, Praha, Aš, Soběslav, Tábor, Pelhřimov


Links to favorite websites


Genomics: VectorBasei5K, AphidBase

Taxonomy: ScaleNetCoccoidea and mealybugs keys,


Sequence databases and search servers: NCBI ftp genomesBLASTHMMer

Misc. computational biology: Bio-LinuxBashGuide, ExplainShell Software CarpentryIPython

Programming languages: PerlBioPerl, PyhonBioPython, JavaBioJava, R & Bioconductor, C++ & Bio++BioSQLProcessing

Open-source software repositories: Git/GitHub, SourceForge, BitBucket

Forums: SEQAnswersBiostars, StackOverflow

Databases of metabolic pathways and enzyme nomenclature: KEGG, BioCycExPASy EnzymeBRENDA

Genomics programs: SPAdesTrinityProkka, Maker

Phylogenetics programs: PhyloBayes, MrBayes, RevBayes, BeastRAxML, PhyML, P4

Favourite science blogs: Phenomena (National Geographic), Small Things ConsideredDynamic Ecology,  Creepy Dreadful Wonderful ParasitesParasite of the DaySeth Bordenstein, Titus BrownNick LomanTorsten SeemannStephen TurnerMick Watson