Postdoc and technician positions open in my unit

Fully-funded postdoc and research technician positions available from April 2020

We’ll study eukaryote-bacteria symbioses and deep evolutionary questions. If you’re interested in evolutionary cell biology, marine microbiology, genomics, experimental evolution, or fieldwork in Asia-Pacific, please apply.

In case you're interested to also apply for a postdoctoral fellowship to work in my lab, please let me know at least two-three months before its deadline. Deadlines for such applications are mostly in late summer, and include  JSPSEMBOHFSPMSCACanon, and numerous other country-specific foundations. We’ll cultivate a friendly environment, supporting curiosity-driven interdisciplinary research, deep thinking, and overall career success of team members. Okinawa is an amazing place to live if you like great food, rich history and culture, coral reefs, and subtropical forests!

Prospective PhD students

Prospective PhD students, please apply to the fully funded 5-year PhD program in Science Deadlines: Nov 15/Apr 1. OIST is a western-style graduate university with all education and research conducted entirely in English. According to the Nature Index rankings, OIST is #9 in research quality in the world (when normalized by size) and it is also the fastest rising research institute in Japan.

Prospective interns or visitors

I'll have a few student internship positions available from 2021 and there are also several sources of independent funding available from the JSPS for short-term visits. Please contact me if you're interested to come to Okinawa for a couple of months.